We researched the market and found stair companies wanted better products. Customers wanted high quality stair parts and balusters. LVL Stair Stringers that routes cleanly, has a water resistant surface and would be easy to putty and paint after installation. Lastly, they wanted all of these products at at lower price point. Sound impossible? Not for PEAK. Our motto is “Make it Happen!” So we did.


PEAK LVL Stair Stringers checks all the boxes. Consistent shape, water resistant surface, easy to repair, easy to paint and of course less expensive. You also minimize waste during production and jobsite repairs due to warped stringers. Most importantly you have happy builders!



Why overpay for the same stair parts, iron balusters and newel posts. You can have the same designs and quality as your current supplier. Whether you are buying in bulk or per piece from a PEAK Dealer, you get factory direct pricing for a fraction of the cost.